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T'Pring, age 7 (remastered).jpg

An historical image of T'Pring

An historical image of T'Pring
Vulcan calendar: 8877

Episode Edit

Events Edit

Alternate timelinesEdit

  • In one alternate timeline, Spock is killed by a le-matya. Following his death, his mother Amanda separates from her husband Sarek. Later that year, she is killed in an accident at Lunaport. Subsequent to the death of his wife and son, Sarek represents the Vulcan government as ambassador to seventeen worlds for the next thirty years. (TAS: "Yesteryear")
  • In yet another timeline, Spock lives as well as his pet sehlat I-Chaya. (TAS: "Yesteryear")


  • This year roughly corresponds with 8877 in the Vulcan calendar
Spock reported the breaking momentum at 50 years, 40, and then 30, before being told by Captain James T. Kirk to cease his reports.

Apocrypha Edit

2236 23rd century

fr:2237 nl:2237 sv:2237

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