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The 2360s decade covers the period from 2360-2369.

The United Federation of Planets continued with deep space exploration missions throughout the early portions of the decade; however, first contact with the Borg and the re-emergence of the Romulan Star Empire after a 50-year period of isolation began to show the need for more combat-oriented ships and personnel training. The Borg threat encouraged Starfleet to develop the Defiant-class starship, the Federation's first unofficial warship. (Star Trek: The Next Generation; DS9: "The Search, Part I")

The Romulan Empire made several attempts to destabilize the alliance between the Federation and the Klingon Empire in this decade. With the onset of the Klingon Civil War in late 2367, the Romulans began providing material support to the House of Duras, a move which would have assured victory for the forces of Duras and ultimately lead to the dissolution of the Federation-Klingon alliance. In the end, the Federation exposed the Romulan connection to the Duras family and the war ended in favor of Chancellor Gowron, leaving the Federation-Klingon alliance intact. (TNG: "Redemption", "Redemption II")

Despite the sharp increase of hostilities in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants throughout the decade, space exploration was still a high priority for the Federation. The Bajoran wormhole was discovered in 2369 and provided a direct link between the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants. Unfortunately, this wormhole led to first contact with the Dominion in 2370, and paved the way for one of the bloodiest conflicts in Federation history. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

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The first six seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation takes place in this decade. Additionally, the first season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine takes place in 2369, overlapping with The Next Generation.

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