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Marla Finn and William Hodges.jpg

Marla Finn and William Hodges moments before their deaths

Marla Finn and William Hodges moments before their deaths
Stardates: 39355 - 40999


By starship or stationEdit

USS Rutledge
USS Tombaugh
Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
USS Victory

Other eventsEdit

Alternate timeline eventsEdit

The following event took place in an alternate timeline in which the USS Enterprise-C disappeared mysteriously in 2344. (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise")

Background informationEdit

According to the Star Trek Chronology, events in this year should take place between the stardates of 39000 and 39999.

There are two sources for 40000s range stardates in this year:

There is some debate on the dating of the Setlik III massacre. O'Brien had previously stated his first use of transporter technology was in 2347 (TNG: "Realm of Fear"), and his Starfleet career began in 2350. (DS9: "Rules of Engagement") The faux Boone specifically stated he left Starfleet in 2362 following the massacre. (DS9: "Tribunal").

Ro Laren's graduation date was listed as 2364 on her personnel file in "Conundrum", but was corrected to 2362 by "The Next Phase".

The script for "Chain of Command, Part II" suggests Jil Orra is seven years old in 2369, thereby placing her birthdate in this year. [1]

2361 24th century

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