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Akorem Laan.jpg

Akorem Laan

Akorem Laan
Gender: Male
Species: Bajoran
Occupation: Poet
Status: Alive (22nd century)
Played by: Richard Libertini
Akorem's lightship exits wormhole.jpg

Akorem emerges from the wormhole

Akorem emerges from the wormhole

Akorem Laan was a male Bajoran poet who lived during the 22nd century (Earth calendar), and was considered one of Bajor's greatest poets. His work, Gaudaal's Lament, would be something Bajoran schoolchildren would learn by heart.

In the Bajoran year 9174, Akorem departed Bajor in a lightship. His vessel was damaged in an ion storm, and drifted into the Denorios belt, where he opened the Bajoran wormhole and entered the realm of the Prophets, who healed his injuries. They then returned him to the Alpha Quadrant in 2372, two hundred years later, in order to ensure that Benjamin Sisko remained as their Emissary. Upon emerging from the wormhole, Akorem believed himself to be the Prophets' Emissary, and his presence allowed Sisko to give up the role. However, Akorem believed in the D'jarra caste system that Bajor had used prior to the Cardassian Occupation, intending to bring it back to Bajor.

Despite knowing this massive change in Bajoran society would prevent Bajor's entry into the Federation, Sisko stepped aside; it was only when Vedek Porta killed a man for not following his D'jarra that Sisko realized he must intervene. Akorem and Sisko entered the wormhole together, where the Prophets revealed that Sisko was their true Emissary. Akorem's presence in the 24th century was for Sisko's benefit: to convince the captain to accept his own role as Emissary. The Prophets then returned Akorem to his own time with no memory of his trip to the future.

One minor temporal paradox resulted from this action: in the prior timeline, Akorem's greatest work, The Call of the Prophets, was left unfinished after the twelfth stanza; but upon his return, Akorem finished the poem – something Kira Nerys found confusing, as her memories of the incomplete poem remained. As Sisko amusingly put it, "the Prophets work in mysterious ways." (DS9: "Accession")

Akorem Laan was played by actor Richard Libertini.

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