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Ardon Broht.jpg

Ardon Broht in 2378

Ardon Broht in 2378
Gender: Male
Species: Bolian
Occupation: Publisher
Status: Alive (2378)
Played by: Barry Gordon

Ardon Broht was a Bolian who worked for the publishing company Broht & Forrester.

In 2378, Broht agreed to publish the holonovel Photons Be Free, written by the EMH aboard USS Voyager. However, when The Doctor asked him to hold off distributing the novel, pending revision, he went ahead and published it anyway. He then refused to withdraw it, asserting that the Doctor had no rights to the novel as he was a hologram, not a person. An arbitration hearing later gave the Doctor rights to the novel, which he then withdrew from circulation. (VOY: "Author, Author")

Ardon Broht was played by actor Barry Gordon.

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