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Broca in 2375

Broca in 2375
Gender: Male
Species: Cardassian
Affiliation: Cardassian Union
Rank: Legate
Occupation: Ruler of Cardassia
Status: Deceased (2375)
Died: 2375
Played by: Mel Johnson, Jr.
"I serve the Founders in all things".

Broca was a Cardassian military officer serving in the 2370s. Following the defection of Damar, and the foundation of the Cardassian Resistance in 2375, Weyoun chose Broca as the new puppet leader of the Cardassian Union, promoting him from gul to legate. (DS9: "The Dogs of War")

Broca's position and power inside the Dominion were even weaker than those of Damar and he was forced to blindly follow every order of the Founder and Weyoun. (DS9: "The Dogs of War")

After the destruction of Lakarian City, and the outright defection of the Cardassian fleet, Broca pleaded with Weyoun and the Female Changeling to let him talk to the rebels to persuade them to remain loyal. Instead, Weyoun ordered Broca to be killed by Jem'Hadar soldiers under the orders of the Female Changeling. His death did provide the Cardassian Rebellion with a way to break into the heart of Dominion headquarters. As he was led outside and killed, the rebellion ambushed the guards and gained access to the briefing room, which allowed them to capture Weyoun and the Female Changeling. (DS9: "What You Leave Behind")

Broca was played by Mel Johnson, Jr.

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