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Gender: Male
Species: Xindi-Reptilian
Occupation: Scientist
Status: Deceased (2153)
Died: 2004
Played by: Jeffrey Dean Morgan;
Henry Farnam
Damron in morgue.jpg

Damron's body in Enterprise's morgue

Damron's body in Enterprise's morgue

Damron was a Xindi-Reptilian scientist, placed in charge of developing a bioweapon with which to destroy humanity in the 22nd century.

In 2153, when the Xindi Council disallowed the development of a bioweapon in favor of a larger, more powerful version of the initial probe they sent to attack Earth, the Sphere Builders, attempting to increase their chances of successfully destroying humanity, sent Damron and his team back in time to Earth, the year 2004, where they could work on the bioweapon in secret from the rest of the coucil. Damron enlisted the assistance of an unscrupulous blood bank employee named Loomis to supply him with victims of each blood type, which would allow them to modify the virus they were developing to target all humans. After three months on Earth, their activities were detected by the 31st century temporal agents, who sent Daniels to inform Captain Archer of Damron's activities. Providing him with a temporal beacon and temporal tags with which to mark anything which did not belong in that time period for retrieval, Daniels sent Archer and T'Pol back in time on a mission to stop Damron.

While on Earth, Archer and T'Pol were able to locate the secret location out of which Damron and his team were operating. Destroying their operation and killing Damron's team, they forced him to flee with the canister of the virus. Confronting Damron on a nearby rooftop, Archer demanded to know the nature of the bioweapon. Damron, however, refused to provide Archer with answers, and attempted to release the virus, forcing Archer to kill him. (ENT: "Carpenter Street")

The bodies of Damron and his team were subsequently stored in Enterprise's morgue. The bodies, along with the bioreactor they were using to synthesize the virus, were used by Archer in an attempt to convince Degra that the Sphere Builders were attempting to manipulate the Xindi. (ENT: "The Forgotten")

Damron was played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Damron's dead body seen in "The Forgotten" was portrayed by regular background actor Henry Farnam.


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