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The Delphi Ardu system was an uninhabited system. This system had eleven planets. Outpost 63, a remote base of the extinct Tkon Empire, was located on Delphi Ardu IV. The Federation had by the mid-24th century charted Delphi Ardu and its system with long-range probes.

In 2364, the starship USS Enterprise-D entered this system in pursuit of a D'Kora-class marauder which was alleged to have participated in the theft of a T-9 energy converter on Gamma Tauri IV. (TNG: "The Last Outpost")

The Delphi Ardu system was located in or near Federation space. Delphi Ardu was a M class star with a magnitude of +7, which was 1/10 as bright as Sol. (Star Trek: Star Charts, page 37)

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