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Drayan Logo

Prelate Alcia, an adult Drayan


Tressa, an elderly Drayan

The Drayan people were a humanoid race from the Delta Quadrant planet Drayan II. They were encountered by the USS Voyager in 2372.

In appearance they were humanoid with only a scaly, triangular patch at the center of their hairline to differentiate them from Humans. They wore drab clothes and cover all exposed skin with a thin black veil.

They were warp-capable, but several generations ago decided that their obsession with technological improvement was harming their species. As a result they withdrew into their own system and hardly ever made contact with other species.

They believed that the body was merely a reflection of a higher existence and put this belief into practice with their death rites. Unusually, the Drayan aging process was the reverse of that of Humans. Their elders appeared to be children. Around their ninetieth year they felt a call to a cave on one of their moons and went there to die. The process of their death is uncertain but they left no bodies, only a pile of clothing. (VOY: "Innocence")

The exact Drayan aging process was never elaborated.

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