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Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)

Episodes Edit

Title Episode Production number Date Original airdate
Shockwave, Part II 2x01 028 Unknown 2002-09-18
Carbon Creek 2x02 027 2152-04-12 2002-09-25
Minefield 2x03 029 Unknown 2002-10-02
Dead Stop 2x04 031 Unknown 2002-10-09
A Night in Sickbay 2x05 030 Unknown 2002-10-16
Marauders 2x06 032 Unknown 2002-10-30
The Seventh 2x07 033 Unknown 2002-11-06
The Communicator 2x08 034 Unknown 2002-11-13
Singularity 2x09 035 2152-08-14 2002-11-20
Vanishing Point 2x10 036 Unknown 2002-11-27
Precious Cargo 2x11 037 2152-09-12 2002-12-11
The Catwalk 2x12 038 2152-09-18 2002-12-18
Dawn 2x13 039 Unknown 2003-01-08
Stigma 2x14 040 Unknown 2003-02-05
Cease Fire 2x15 041 Unknown 2003-02-12
Future Tense 2x16 042 Unknown 2003-02-19
Canamar 2x17 043 Unknown 2003-02-26
The Crossing 2x18 044 Unknown 2003-04-02
Judgment 2x19 045 Unknown 2003-04-09
Horizon 2x20 046 2153-01-10 2003-04-16
The Breach 2x21 047 Unknown 2003-04-23
Cogenitor 2x22 048 Unknown 2003-04-30
Regeneration 2x23 049 2153-03-01 2003-05-07
First Flight 2x24 050 Unknown 2003-05-14
Bounty 2x25 051 2153-03-21 2003-05-14
The Expanse 2x26 052 2153-04-24 2003-05-21
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Summary Edit

Enterprise's second season begins with the NX-01 being cleared of any wrong-doing involving the destruction of the Paraagan II colony in the first season's finale. With a renewed sense of exploration, Enterprise continues humanity's journey to seek out new worlds and new civilizations.

Like season one, the adventures of Enterprise are largely independent of one another. Familiar faces such as the Klingons make appearances in "Marauders" and "Judgment"; the Kreetassans, introduced in season one's "Vox Sola" return in "A Night in Sickbay"; and the Vulcan/Andorian saga from season one's "The Andorian Incident" continues in "Cease Fire". Season two also re-introduced a number of species from previous Star Trek series into the lore of Enterprise, such as the Tellarites from the original series in "Bounty" as well as the Tholians in "Future Tense" and, perhaps most polarizing of all, the Borg make an appearance in "Regeneration", stemming from the destruction of the Borg sphere at the hands of the USS Enterprise-E in Earth's past from the movie Star Trek: First Contact. Early in the season, the crew are introduced to the Romulan Star Empire when the NX-01 inadvertently stumbles upon a Romulan minefield, setting in motion a chain of events between Humans and Romulans that eventually culminates in the Earth-Romulan War.

Like the appearance of the Ferengi in season one's "Acquisition", the use of the Borg by the producers was seen by many fans as potentially in violation of established canon. (citation needededit) However, such as in "Acquisition", the name of the Borg is never uttered, preventing the crew of Enterprise from learning the true nature of their adversaries, paving the way for future generations of Starfleet officers to face them in their own time.

"Sounds to me like we've only postponed the invasion until... what? The 24th century?"

- Archer

However, season two did nothing to halt the dwindling numbers of Star Trek's audience. Ratings for the series continued to slide from the series premiere and the box office returns for Star Trek Nemesis (which was also released during the course of the season) seemed to indicate that the franchise's days were numbered. Faced with the very real possibility that Enterprise might not last seven seasons like the previous three series did, major creative shakeups were begun in the season finale, "The Expanse". Earth is attacked, and Enterprise is recalled home and sets out on a new mission to find those responsible in an unexplored and potentially dangerous part of space known as "The Delphic Expanse."

Background Information Edit

  • Star Trek Nemesis was released during the run of this season.
  • This is the first season of any Star Trek series not to be released on VHS in the UK, owing to the rise in popularity of DVD as a medium for home entertainment.

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