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Edo god

The Edo God

Geordi inspects Edo god

La Forge inspecting the Edo God

The Edo God was one a group of powerful inter-dimensional lifeforms that claimed the star cluster around Rubicun and Strnad systems as theirs. One of their manifestations was a structure in orbit of Rubicun III, worshiped by the Edo. The lifeform considered the Edo its "children" and protected them from outside influence or threat.

The structure was partially detected by a starship's sensors, and was generally invisible. The structure was discovered by the USS Enterprise-D in 2364 while in orbit of the planet for possible shore leave. It appeared only when Captain Jean-Luc Picard asked to reveal itself; even then, the structure appeared transparent, and sensors read it as "not entirely real". As Data surmised later, once they belonged to this dimension but evolved considerably; they occupied several dimensions, being in several places at once.

A spherical entity from the structure passed through the Enterprise and a voice inquired why the ship visited the planet and why Picard had left his own lifeforms in the Strnad colony. After demanding to not interfere with its "children", the sphere then stuck on Data's forehead exchanging information with him. During that session, it had the ability to block communication with the Enterprise away team.

When Picard brought Rivan aboard the Enterprise from the planet, she recognised the structure as God, having appeared to them in the past. The structure then started a collision course with the Enterprise as the voice demanded that Rivan was returned.

While Wesley Crusher was held in protected custody waiting execution, Picard worried about how they would react if he interfered with the Edo laws and violated their own Prime Directive. When he went down to rescue him, the entity blocked the transporter. Eventually it was convinced by a passionate speech from Picard.

Picard then inquired whether the being(s) would prefer to remove the Strnad colonists, to which the structure replied by just a full illumination before vanishing. (TNG: "Justice")

The Edo god was voiced by an unknown actor. The Edo God model was reused in the episode "Conundrum" as the Lysian Central Command.

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