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Elaan, an Elasian female


Kryton, an Elasian male

Elasians were a humanoid species, native to the planet Elas of the Tellun system.

Philosphy and society Edit

Federation scientists described Elasian males as "vicious and arrogant" in early reports. In the 23rd century, Elasian government included a Council of Nobles, and great homage and deference was paid to their royal Dohlman.

Elasians considered themselves a warrior people, and held little regard for the relatively gentle culture of their neighbors, the Troyians of Troyius. By 2268, after a long period of war with the Troyians, the two civilizations recognized the possibility of their mutual destruction. Some hope for peaceful coexistence began when elements of both governments supported an arranged marriage between Elaan, the Dohlman of Elas, and the ruler of Troyius. (TOS: "Elaan of Troyius")

Elasians, were considerably more aggressive than most species and almost vicious, the Dohlman suggested that Kirk use the USS Enterprise's advanced weapons to wipe out all life on Troyius, the same Dohlman could not understand why the captain wanted to run from battle, or to let a weakened ship escape the battle.

Physiology Edit

On average, males were about a head taller than most other races, such as humans and Vulcans. Females had the ability to produce Elasian tears, a biochemical compound transmittable to males (including Human men) upon contact. The affected man became romantically infatuated and somewhat enthralled to the woman who infected them. Over centuries, men of Elas tried to overcome the tears' power, without success.

Technology Edit

Their technological level was pre-warp; with nuclear powered weapons and starships. Some Elasians wore a light and translucent body armor. Females, at the least, carried several knifes on their person, for either throwing or stabbing.

One Elasian was able to rig the antimatter matter pods to explode if used, suggesting some more advanced technological knowledge were known to them.

People Edit

In 2268, the Prime Directive did not seem to be an issue for the Federation in the Tellun system. Pre-warp Elasians did not appear to be surprised or impressed by beaming aboard a starship. Some level of contact between Elasians and Klingons had already been established: Kryton's cooperation in sabotage of the Enterprise, and the Empire's existing awareness of Elasian dilithium deposits.

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