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Jareth, Remember

Jareth, an Enaran

Enaran Flag

The Enaran flag

Enaran musical instrument

An Enaran musical instrument.

The Enarans were the natives of the planet Enara Prime in the Delta Quadrant. They were a warp-capable species but had only relatively low-level engines. Even with a lack of high warp capabilities, the Enarans had significantly advanced energy conservation technology that the crew of the USS Voyager was able to learn from. The Enarans were very concerned with personal hygiene and invented radioseptics for hand washing and personal cleaning. In addition to Enara Prime, they maintained an outpost at the Fima colony.

The Enarans dined without conventional seating, and were prone to take naps on soft cushions immediately after a meal. Recreation included music composition and performance, some of which was performed on a harp like Enaran musical instrument which produced melodious tones. A musician played the instrument by holding it in his lap and manipulating a half sphere surface with the tips of the fingers, and possibly the mind.

Physically, the Enarans were humanoid with red spotting near the eyes and forehead. Enarans found cooler temperatures more comfortable then the preferred room temperature of Humans. As a species they were telepathic, able to implant memories in another person whether they were willing or not. However, making telepathic contact with an unwilling person was deeply condemned. These memories could be imposed without being in proximity of the recipient. Some species were affected by a "slight telepathic field" of telepathic energy that the Enarans emitted as a natural process.

In 2373, the USS Voyager became the first Federation ship to make contact with the Enarans. At that time B'Elanna Torres experienced intense telepathic memories. Initially they were thought to be a side effect of the passive telepathic field of the Enarans. Later it was found to be a purposeful telepathic transfer of memories of an older Enaran woman nearing death to B'Elanna. They consisted of the memories of an Enaran holocaust that had taken place several decades earlier. During this time a group who did not wish to use technology, called the Regressives, were wiped out by the Enaran authorities. The holocaust had since been hidden from later generations. Upon finding the memories to be genuine, Torres passed them on to a young Enaran and, presumably, started the Enarans on a road to addressing their past.

In the early 24th century, the Enarans utilized public executions to silence dissidents. The execution post would be placed in town centers and violators were tied to the center post. When activated the post and violator would be bathed in a purple glow. The process took only a few seconds, but caused extreme pain. The device left the corpses with very badly burnt skin. (VOY: "Remember")

According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (2nd ed., pp. 55, 304), "Jor" and "Jora" were titles of address prefixed to the names of elder Enaran men and women, respectively)

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