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In starship classification, an escort vessel was a starship whose primary purpose is to accompany other vessels as a means of protection. Escorts typically protected lesser armed vessels, or vessels carrying an important cargo.

In 2154, Degra's ship was protected by two Xindi-Reptilian warships, which served as escort ships, during the proving ground Xindi superweapon prototype test mission in the Calindra system. (ENT: "Proving Ground")

In 2368, a radical faction based on the Beta moon of Peliar Zel intercepted the Federation shuttlecraft Hawking claiming to be an escort vessel. (TNG: "The Host")

The Defiant-class, originally developed to counter the Borg, is officially classified as an escort vessel, but was unofficially a warship. (DS9: "The Search, Part I").

Despite its euphemistic designation, the Defiant-class escort was the most advanced warship design in Starfleet in the 2370s. In Star Trek: First Contact, Worf protested Riker's statement that the Defiant was "little."


  • In the game Star Trek Online, escort ships are one of the three primary ship types available to Federation players. They are characterized by having relatively weak shields but having exceptionally powerful weapons systems, high maneuverability and being geared towards a more direct combat role.

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