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Real World article
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Judith Reeves-Stevens
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Judith Reeves-Stevens

Birth name: Judith Evelyn Reeves-Stevens
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 1953
Roles: Writer, Producer, Star Trek performer Star Trek author
Judith Reeves-Stevens (civilian).jpg a civilian ceremony attendee a civilian ceremony attendee

Judith Evelyn Reeves-Stevens (born 1953), together with her husband Garfield Reeves-Stevens, is one of Star Trek's best-selling original book writers. Together, the Reeves-Stevens' wrote or co-wrote five episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise's fourth season.

In 2001 she was, along with her husband, interviewed for the special feature Phase II: The Lost Enterprise on the Star Trek: The Motion Picture (The Director's Edition) DVD. In 2009 Reeves-Stevens was interviewed for the special feature "Star Trek: The Three Picture Saga" on the DVD box release of Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection alongside her husband, Harve Bennett, Peter Krikes, Steve Meerson, Nicholas Meyer, and Ralph Winter.

She joined the production staff of Star Trek: Enterprise during Season 4 and appeared alongside her husband in the last episode "These Are the Voyages..." as a civilian ceremony attendee.

Reeves-Stevens and her husband have co-created a planned zombie series called Alive, which would've starred John Billingsley and Gary Graham. They would've been the showrunners of the series, which was set to debut in the summer or fall of 2008. However, the series was never made. [1] Nevertheless, a series, conceived by the couple, that did make it onto the small screen was the 2012 spin-off series of the British sci-fi show Primeval, Primeval: New World, which, however, was unfortunately canceled after one season.

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