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Senator Kimara Cretak aboard Deep Space 9 (2375)

Senator Kimara Cretak aboard Deep Space 9 (2375)
Gender: Female
Species: Romulan
Occupation: Senator
Status: Alive (2375)
Played by: Megan Cole
Adrienne Barbeau
Cretak, Inter arma enim silent leges.jpg

Senator Kimara Cretak on Romulus (2375)

Senator Kimara Cretak on Romulus (2375)

Kimara Cretak was a member of the Romulan Senate during part of the Dominion War. In early 2375, she served as the Romulan representative to Deep Space 9. A firm supporter of the Romulans' alliance with the Federation and the Klingons, Cretak nevertheless authorized the Romulan fortification of Derna against the Bajorans' wishes, because she believed it was in the best interests of the Romulan people. She later rescinded her decision when she met Starfleet opposition. (DS9: "Image in the Sand", "Shadows and Symbols")

Later that year, Doctor Julian Bashir approached Cretak during a conference on Romulus, expressing his belief that Federation Section 31 intended to assassinate Chairman Koval. To thwart the assassination, Bashir asked her to search Koval's personal database for Luther Sloan's possible accomplices, to which Cretak reluctantly agreed. She was arrested while attempting to access the files, and brought before the Romulan Continuing Committee. Cretak had previously been in consideration for a seat on that Committee, which then fell to Koval.

In fact, there was no assassination: the intent of Section 31 had been all along to remove Cretak so that Koval, a Federation operative, could join the Committee. Cretak was dismissed from the Senate after her trial by the Continuing Committee. Admiral William Ross later justified his complicity in Cretak's downfall by noting that she was a "patriot" who would recommend that the Romulans pursue a separate peace with the Dominion if she believed it was to her people's advantage. According to Admiral Ross, after being dismissed from the Senate, Cretak would most likely be imprisoned, possibly executed. (DS9: "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges")

Background Information Edit

Cretak was played by Megan Cole in "Image in the Sand" and "Shadows and Symbols", and Adrienne Barbeau in "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges". Her first name was spoken aloud by Neral.

According to the PADD that Kira was reading in "Image in the Sand", Cretak was involved in the events of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes "Unification I" and "Unification II". For more on this, see the discussion page.

Senator Cretak, Admiral Alidar Jarok, and Dr. Telek R'Mor are the only full-blooded Romulans to receive a first name.

Apocrypha Edit

Cretak is featured in the novel Hollow Men, which details her first meeting with Admiral Ross; she also plays a part in the Lost Era novel Catalyst of Sorrows.

Appearances Edit

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