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Lenore Karidian.jpg

Lenore Karidian in 2266

Lenore Karidian in 2266
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Status: Insane, institutionalized (2266)
Born: 2247
Father: Anton Karidian
Played by: Barbara Anderson

Lenore Karidian was a member of the Karidian Company and the daughter of the company's founder, Anton Karidian, previously known as Kodos. Anton took care so that his daughter never learned of his past identity. However not only did she do so, but she also became determined to silence all those who could connect Karidian to his past as Kodos.

In 2266, the Karidian Company visited Planet Q to perform Shakespeare's Macbeth. Attending the play was Thomas Leighton, one of nine eyewitnesses to an order of execution given by Kodos when he was governor of the Tarsus IV colony. A burned body was found by the relief forces, and Kodos was assumed to have died. Leighton believed otherwise, although he could not then convince James T. Kirk.

Leighton's beliefs turned out to be accurate: he was murdered as he walked home from town. His body was found by Kirk, who by that time was courting Lenore. Leighton's murder deepened Kirk's suspicions to the point that he contrived that the company would be forced to rely on his starship for transportation, so that he could widen his investigation.

Observation deck 2266

Lenore with Kirk on the observation deck

Indeed, Lenore beamed on the USS Enterprise and requested that Kirk provide transport to Benecia. As "payment" for passage, Lenore agreed that the company would perform Shakespeare's Hamlet for the crew. While the troupe was aboard, Kirk planned to approach Lenore romantically.

With Leighton's death, only two of the nine original eyewitnesses remained alive, and both of them served aboard Enterprise. Lenore first attempted to poison Kevin Riley. She failed because Riley was speaking to someone at the time the poison took effect; help was promptly dispatched. She next hid an overloading phaser in Kirk's quarters, in an attempt to blow him up. This, too, failed; Kirk found the phaser and jettisoned it into space before it exploded.

During the Hamlet performance, Kevin Riley sneaked backstage with the intent of murdering Kodos, the man who had murdered his family. Kirk was able to stop him, but Kodos overheard their sotto voce conversation. Backstage, he discussed it with Lenore – and learned to his horror that she had been, over time, murdering all those who could recognize him, and planned to kill the last two after the performance. Kirk confronted her, and she snatched a phaser from a nearby guard and raced on-stage. Clearly insane, she attempted to kill Kirk, instead hitting and killing her father when he jumped in front of Kirk at the last second. This act destroyed what remained of her mind; she was taken into medical custody. (TOS: "The Conscience of the King")

Lenore Karidian was portrayed by Barbara Anderson.

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