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Major's insignia
US o-4 rank pin
United States armed forces
Ekosian SS

Major is a military rank, the equivalent of which was used by the service organizations of many civilizations. As a traditional grade, major was a line officer of a fighting organization, below a Lieutenant Colonel and above a Captain. In comparison to naval ranking systems, this rank was equivalent to the naval Lieutenant Commander rank. Some rank systems included an additional rank, Lieutenant Colonel, that was superior to major and inferior to colonel.

This grade existed in some form in many other culture's rank arrangements, such as the Romulan Tal Shiar and the Bajoran Militia.

Some rank systems used the term major in conjunction with other ranks to create a different grade, Major General or Sergeant Major for example.

In the episode "Patterns of Force", Captain Kirk addresses an SS officer several times as "major" even though the officer wears both the collar and shoulder insignia of a colonel. This was a common problem throughout the episode in that several characters wore rank insignias which did not correspond to the ranks spoken of in the dialog.

Noted majors Edit

This chart shows only general equivalencies based on the ranks used by many governments on Earth, as well as the rest of the galaxy.

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