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Merced class
Owner: United Federation of Planets
Operator: Starfleet
Active: 24th century

The Merced-class starship was a type of vessel in service with Starfleet during the 24th century. (TNG: "Brothers")

In 2364, Data described the class, specifically the USS Trieste as "too small" and "too slow" to intercept a Galaxy-class starship. (TNG: "11001001")

Information on this class designation was originally derived from an okudagram described as a Starship mission status that was displayed in the observation lounge starting around TNG Season 4 and was originally described in the Star Trek Encyclopedia.
While the true origins of this class name are unclear, it is possible that it was named one of the several Merced-related references (river, county, city) found in Northern California, which is currently known for its proximity to Yosemite National Park.

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