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By typeEdit

Directed energy weapons Edit

See: Directed energy weapon

Ship-mounted Edit

See: Ship-mounted

Planetary Edit

See: Planetary defense system

Hand-held Edit

See: Hand-held

Other Edit

See: Other

Projectile weapons Edit

See: Projectile weapon

Hand-held Edit

See: Hand-held

Torpedoes Edit

See: Torpedo

Explosives Edit

See: List of explosives

Mines Edit

See: Mine

Bombs Edit

See: Bomb

Hardware Edit

Passive defenses Edit

Shield systems Edit

See: Shields

Hull enhancements Edit

See: Hull

Stealth devices Edit

See: Stealth

Unconventional weapons Edit

Biogenic agents Edit

See also: Biogenic weapon, Metagenic weapon

Other Edit

Melee weapons Edit

See also

nl:Militaire Technologie sv:Militär teknologi

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