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Mira Antlia (or Mira) was the primary of the uninhabited Mira Antlia system. Mira Antlia was a red giant. The system had six planets. In the 24th century, Mira Antlia V (or Dytallix B) was the location of a mining colony. This one of seven mining colonies established by the Dytallix Mining Company for the Federation. By 2364, the Dytallix Mining Company had abandoned the planet, leaving behind a ghost town.

In that year, the starships USS Enterprise-D, USS Horatio, USS Renegade, and USS Thomas Paine rendezvoused at this planet for a secret conference. (TNG: "Conspiracy")

The system map used for Mira Antlia was first used as a map for the Maxia Zeta system ("The Battle") and the Omicron Theta system ("Datalore"). This map would see later use for the Tau Cygna system. ("The Ensigns of Command")
According to a bridge display okudagram, the proper name of Dytallix B was "Mira Antliae V," indicating that it was the fifth planet from Mira Antlia. While there was a real constellation Antlia, this system's primary was noted in dialog to be Mira (also known as Omicron Ceti), which was quite distant from the Antlia stars named by astronomers on Earth. While the designation "Mira" was the name of a type of variable star, and thus could occur outside of the Omicron Ceti use of the name, there was no "Mira Antlia" in real life. The relation between well-known Mira and the imaginary Mira Antlia was never clarified, but the real Mira does have another star in its system, of a type undiscovered by modern scientists, usually called VZ Ceti, so their coexistence in the same system or star group would be one of the possible explanations. The Antliae reference was probably to avoid a conflict referring to the better-known (and previously mentioned) Omicron Ceti Mira.

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