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TPol and Trip neuropressure

T'Pol and Tucker during a neuropressure session

Vulcan neuropressure is a mental and physical technique for relaxing the mind and muscles. It is extremely difficult and takes years to master. Also being very personal, it requires a great deal of physical contact. An application of neuropressure for combat is the so-called Vulcan nerve pinch. (ENT: "")

T'Pol was skilled in neuropressure and began administering it to Commander Tucker after his sister died, as he was having trouble sleeping. Tucker soon became quite skilled in neuropressure, mastering techniques such as the surah'than and the Khavorta posture (which was difficult because of the necessity for a certain breathing method and a relaxed jaw). (ENT: "The Xindi", "Rajiin")

Vulcan science states that neuropressure causes the body to create its own medicines, which means it may have been based on chiropractic. Some chiropractors believe the body's spine can heal any disease or wound. There is no scientific evidence to support this, however. It may also be based on the similarly named acupressure, which is equally lacking in evidence for efficacy.
As scripted for "The Xindi", the displays of Vulcan neuropressure performed in that episode would have been done while the participants were kneeling on the floor rather than, as they are in the episode, sitting on a bed.
Manny Coto struggled with the writing of a neuropressure scene in ENT: "Similitude". "I was a little bit concerned about having to write one of these massage scenes," he explained. "They had been going on throughout the [third] season [....] They were supposed to be sensual and they were tough to write because, I think, before this episode, they had done four or five, and it was tough to come with a new idea [....] It was a little bit of a challenge coming up with a new position, so to speak." Despite this difficulty, Coto managed to conceive of a foot-related massage technique being incorporated into the Vulcan neuropressure. ("Similitude" audio commentary, ENT Season 3 DVD)


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