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Rinax from orbit

Type: Moon
Location: In orbit of Talax
Talaxian system
Delta Quadrant
Affiliation: Haakonian Order

Rinax was a moon of the planet Talax. It was one of the most pleasant locations in the system. A once-famous region on Rinax was the Rinax marshlands, known for the hottest climate of the sector. (VOY: "Macrocosm")

In 2356, the metreon cascade, a destructive weapon, was deployed on Rinax by the Haakonian Order. The cascade wrecked the moon's ecosystem, resulting in an endless frigid winter and the deaths of approximately 300,000 Talaxians. (VOY: "Jetrel", "Friendship One")

Aboard the USS Voyager, Neelix recounted the horror that had been visited upon Rinax:

"Hard to believe that on clear nights, you could look up from Talax and see the shimmering lights of the colony. The night of the cascade, a bright flash cut across the sky. It was so blinding that people threw themselves to the ground. Then everything stopped, like a moment out of time, and we all looked up to see where the flash had come from, but the sky seemed oddly empty. It took most of us a few seconds to realize it was because Rinax was...gone. Of course, the moon was still there. We just couldn't see it, because of that Metreon cloud..."
"But let me tell you another [story]. A man goes back to Rinax after the cascade, back to what had been his home, to look for survivors...but the impact of the blast has set off hundreds of fires, and there's nothing there -- just smoldering ruins and the stench of seared flesh. In the distance, in the middle of all that emptiness, from out of this huge cloud of billowing dust, he can see bodies moving, whimpering, coming toward him. They're monsters -- their flesh horribly charred, the color of shale. One of them comes toward him, mangled arms outstretched, and he can't help it -- he turns away, frightened. But then the thing speaks, and he knows by the sound of her voice that she's not a monster at all, but a child, a little girl ... Her name was Palaxia. We brought her back to Talax with the other survivors. Over the next few weeks, I stayed at her bedside, and watched her wither away." (VOY: "Jetrel")
According to the Star Trek: Star Charts, on page 78, Rinax was classified as Class M.

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