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Ruth (amusement park planet)

Ruth as imagined by James Kirk in 2267.

Ruth was a woman with whom James T. Kirk had been romantically involved sometime around his Starfleet Academy years. In 2267, the USS Enterprise discovered the Shore Leave Planet, an artificial world where complex machinery could bring fantasies to life. Kirk's daydreams resulted in the creation of a duplicate Ruth. The first time she appeared, Kirk was distracted by other problems, and could not spend time with her. After his discussion with the caretaker, Kirk planned to beam back to the Enterprise, but Ruth appeared again, and this convinced him to remain on the planet for a few days. (TOS: "Shore Leave")

Ruth was portrayed by Shirley Bonne. It could be that the woman Gary Mitchell introduced Kirk to, the woman whom he "almost married" according to "Where No Man Has Gone Before" was Ruth, although it was never stated in any canon work.
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