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Solok, 2369.jpg

DaiMon Solok

DaiMon Solok
Gender: Male
Species: Ferengi
Occupation: DaiMon
Played by: Lou Wagner
You may also be looking for Captain Solok.

DaiMon Solok was a Ferengi captain of a trading ship that occasionally supplied the Cardassian forces on Celtris III.

In 2369, he (reluctantly) agreed to smuggle a Starfleet commando squad onto the planet, but only after some convincing from Beverly Crusher. (TNG: "Chain of Command, Part I")

Solok was played by actor Lou Wagner.
It was originally intended that the Ferengi who helped the team would be Quark (using his experience with the Cardassians during his time on Terok Nor), in a crossover with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. However, this was changed when it was learned that Deep Space Nine would not air until several weeks after this episode.
Solok wore no rank insignia on his collar, but was addressed as "DaiMon.

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