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Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)
Gold Key comic 1.jpg

Issue #1 cover

Publisher: Gold Key Comics (Whitman)
Published: July 1967 - March 1979
Issues: 61
Stardate: "18:09.2" to "72:35.3" (2266 to 2270)

Series of comics and books published by Whitman, Gold Key, and Golden Press.


Star Trek was a comic book series published by Gold Key Comics (part of Whitman Publishing), running for 61 issues from July 1967 until March 1979, when the series was canceled. A script for issue #62 was delivered entitled "Trial By Fire" by John Warner, with Frank Bolle scheduled to do the artwork, but none was ever completed for the issue.

For the first issues of the run, they were only printed with a Gold Key logo in the upper left corner. The company began issuing covers with the Whitman logo beginning with issue #20: "A World Gone Mad". From that point on, the Gold Key logo was used for newsstand distribution and the Whitman logo for retail shops.

The first nine issues of the series were published with photo covers, made up of photographs from various episodes from the original series. After that, every cover was painted, including the covers of reprinted issues, with the exception of issue #45: "The Voodoo Planet", a reprint of the seventh issue in the run, with no cover change. Issue #45 was also the first issue with a UPC code.

The series began its run with a cost of 12 cents an issue, and ended at 35 cents per issue. A number of issues were published with two different prices, and are noted below.

The company also released a "young reader" novel called Mission to Horatius. Various issues were reprinted in a variety of formats over the years in both the US and the UK.

Main CharactersEdit


Unfortunately, most of the writers and artists were not credited, and only anecdotal evidence survives as to who contributed to the series. Some of the other names of writers that are known include Dick Wood, Gerry Boudreau, Allan Moniz, and Paul S. Newman. Other artist names that are known include Giovanni Ticci (an inker on several of Alberto Giolitti's issues) and possibly Angelo Todaro, Massimo Belardinelli, Giorgio Cambiotti, and Mario Pedrazzi.


Note that issues in italics are reprints of earlier issues.
# Title Stardate Date published Writer(s) Artist
1 "The Planet of No Return" 18:09.2 (2260s) July 1967 unknown Nevio Zeccara
2 "The Devil's Isle of Space" 19:03.2 (2260s) March 1968 unknown Nevio Zeccara
3 "Invasion of the City Builders" 20:14.6 (2260s) December 1968 unknown Alberto Giolitti
4 "The Peril of Planet Quick Change" 21:06.7 (2260s) June 1969 unknown Alberto Giolitti
5 "The Ghost Planet" 26:06.4 (2260s) September 1969 unknown Alberto Giolitti
6 "When Planets Collide" 23:009 (2260s) December 1969 unknown Alberto Giolitti
7 "The Voodoo Planet" 24:17.9 (2260s) March 1969 unknown Alberto Giolitti
8 "The Youth Trap" 31:09.4 (2260s) September 1970 unknown Alberto Giolitti
9 "The Legacy of Lazarus" 10:26.3 (2260s) February 1971 Len Wein Alberto Giolitti
10 "Sceptre of the Sun" 12:48.6 (2260s) May 1971 Len Wein Alberto Giolitti
11 "The Brain Shockers" 11:26.1 (2260s) August 1971 Len Wein Alberto Giolitti
12 "The Flight of the Buccaneer" 32:46.3 (2260s) November 1971 Len Wein Alberto Giolitti
13 "Dark Traveler" 14:83.4 (2260s) February 1972 Len Wein Alberto Giolitti
14 "The Enterprise Mutiny" 18:41.2 (2260s) May 1972 Len Wein Alberto Giolitti
15 "Museum at the End of Time" 25:53.2 (2260s) August 1972 Len Wein Alberto Giolitti
16 "Day of the Inquisitors" 45:25.2 (2260s) November 1972 Len Wein Alberto Giolitti
17 "The Cosmic Cavemen" 19:24.3 (2260s) February 1973 unknown Alberto Giolitti
18 "The Hijacked Planet" 32:48.6 (2260s) May 1973 unknown Alberto Giolitti
19 "The Haunted Asteroid" 24:92.5 (2260s) July 1973 unknown Alberto Giolitti
20 "A World Gone Mad" 32:47.2 (2260s) September 1973 unknown Alberto Giolitti
21 "The Mummies of Heitius VII" 30:26.5 (2260s) November 1973 unknown Alberto Giolitti
22 "Siege in Superspace" 36:24.3 (2260s) January 1974 unknown Alberto Giolitti
23 "Child's Play" 17:23.4 (2260s) March 1974 unknown Alberto Giolitti
24 "The Trial of Captain Kirk" 19:26.2 (2260s) May 1974 unknown Alberto Giolitti
25 "Dwarf Planet" 19:24.8 (2260s) July 1974 unknown Alberto Giolitti
26 "The Perfect Dream" 30:19.12 (2260s) September 1974 unknown Alberto Giolitti
27 "Ice Journey" 20:27.3 (2260s) November 1974 unknown Alberto Giolitti
28 "The Mimicking Menace" 34:21.7 (2260s) January 1975 unknown unknown
29 "The Planet of No Return" 18:09.2 (2260s) March 1975 unknown Nevio Zeccara
30 "Death of a Star" 33:33.3 (2260s) May 1975 unknown Alberto Giolitti
31 "The Final Truth" 20:10.7 (2260s) July 1975 unknown Alberto Giolitti
32 "The Animal People" 19:26.11 (2260s) August 1975 unknown Alberto Giolitti
33 "The Choice" 17:01.02 (2260s) September 1975 unknown Alberto Giolitti
34 "The PsychoCrystals" 19:27.4 (2260s) October 1975 unknown Alberto Giolitti
35 "The Peril of Planet Quick Change" 21:06.7 (2260s) November 1975 unknown Alberto Giolitti
36 "A Bomb in Time" 19:25.9 (2260s, 1855, 1955) March 1976 unknown Alberto Giolitti
37 "The Ghost Planet" 26:06.4 (2260s) May 1976 unknown Alberto Giolitti
38 "One of Our Captains Is Missing!" 19:29:13 (2260s) July 1976 unknown Alden McWilliams
39 "Prophet of Peace" unknown (2260s) August 1976 unknown unknown
40 "Furlough to Fury" 19:25.9 (2260s) September 1976 unknown Alden McWilliams
41 "The Evictors" 19:27.12 (2260s) November 1976 unknown Alden McWilliams
42 "World Against Time" 19:29.06 (2260s) January 1977 unknown Alden McWilliams
43 "World Beneath the Waves" 19:26.03 (2260s) February 1977 unknown Alden McWilliams
44 "Prince Traitor" unknown (2260s) May 1977 unknown Alden McWilliams
45 "The Voodoo Planet" 24:17.9 (2260s) July 1977 unknown Alberto Giolitti
46 "Mr. Oracle" unknown (2260s) August 1977 unknown Alden McWilliams
47 "This Tree Bears Bitter Fruit" 67:32.4 (2260s) September 1977 George Kashdan & Doug Drexler Alden McWilliams
48 "Sweet Smell of Evil" 5716.4 (2260s) October 1977 Arnold Drake & Doug Drexler Alden McWilliams
49 "A Warp in Space" unknown (2260s) November 1977 George Kashdan Alden McWilliams
50 "The Planet of No Life" unknown (2260s) January 1978 George Kashdan Alden McWilliams
51 "Destination Annihilation" 26:04.4 (2260s) March 1978 George Kashdan Alden McWilliams
52 "And a Child Shall Lead Them" 28:11.5 (2260s) May 1978 George Kashdan Alden McWilliams
53 "What Fools These Mortals Be" 2901.1 (2260s) July 1978 George Kashdan Alden McWilliams
54 "Sport of Knaves" 3004.8 (2260s) August 1978 George Kashdan Alden McWilliams
55 "A World Against Itself" 72:35:3 (2260s) September 1978 Arnold Drake Alden McWilliams
56 "No Time Like the Past" 3275.2 (2260s) October 1978 George Kashdan Alden McWilliams
57 "Spore of the Devil" 19:29:51 (2260s) November 1978 Arnold Drake Alden McWilliams
58 "Brain-Damaged Planet" 3315.5 (2260s) December 1978 George Kashdan Alden McWilliams
59 "To Err Is Vulcan" 9126.1 (2260s) January 1979 Arnold Drake Alden McWilliams
60 "The Empire Man" 2314.6 (2260s) January 1979 John Warner Alden McWilliams
61 "Operation Con Game" 3504.7 (2260s) March 1979 George Kashdan Alden McWilliams
62 "Trial By Fire" 3708.2 (2260s) unpublished John Warner Frank Bolle

Other publicationsEdit

The Enterprise Logs collections contain four additional pieces not appearing in the above issues:

    • "Captain James T. Kirk: Psycho-File" in Vol. 1
    • "A Page From Scotty's Diary" in Vol. 1
    • "Lt. Commdr. Spock: Psycho-File" in Vol. 3
    • "From Sputnik to Warp Drive" in Vol. 4.

The artists and writers for these items are unknown.

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