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Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)
Star Trek Magazine
STM collage.jpg

Typical cover image

Publisher: Titan Magazines
Published: 1995-present
No. of issues: 176 (to date)
Editor(s): John Freeman

Darryl Curtis
Nick Jones
Toby Weidmann
Brian Robb
Paul Simpson
Christopher Cooper

For the Fabbri Publications magazine, please see Star Trek: The Magazine.

Star Trek Magazine - known as Star Trek Monthly until issue 110 - is an official magazine, published eight times a year, featuring news, interviews and reviews covering all five live-action series, the animated series and the movies.

First published on 28 February 1995 as a monthly title, the magazine began life in the UK, but soon expanded to Ireland and Australasia, with limited distribution in Europe.

Early in its run, the magazine featured reprints of several DC Comics-produced comic strips, but this ended after issue 22.

With issue 113, the publication went to a bi-monthly release schedule, and increased its page count from 68 to 100. Before this change, various issues were special "bumper" releases (100 pages, costing £4.99, usually with a gift - typically a Titan-released Trek book) to commemorate a specific occasion, such as the 30th and 35th anniversaries, the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and others.

A separate North American edition of the magazine came into being in August 2006, due in part to the loss of the Star Trek: Communicator magazine. Issue #1 of the run – bi-monthly like the UK edition – was released on 22 August 2006. Numbering of the UK edition maintained its internal continuity, with the US #1 being relatively the same as UK issue 128. Later US editions returned to 68 pages in length, with the additional UK pages being inserted in the form of a supplement at the center of the magazine. This practice was quickly discontinued, and the various editions were standardized with issue 134.

The magazine is now printed in the United States rather than the UK, meaning that US distribution now takes place some time before UK release. A special cover is available for specialist comic shops ordering via the Diamond Previews magazine.

For issue 137, and all subsequent 100-page editions, a new binding format and magazine size was introduced. The issue was perfect bound (instead of saddle-stitched), and measured 8 inches wide × 11 inches high (instead of 9 × 12). The following issue retained the size, but returned to saddle-stitching. With this issue, the UK edition lost its 100-page length, becoming 68 pages long. The magazine is now regularly 100 pages in lenght.

Recurring sectionsEdit

Hailing Frequencies
(Issue 128-present; as The Best of All Worlds, Issue 1-127)
As of Issue 140, incorporates:
(Issue 35-present; as Communications, Issue 1-34)
Readers' letters and Star Trek contact information.
A Piece of the Action
(Issue 67-103; as The Official UK Star Trek Fan Club Update, Issue 54-66)
Update on The Official UK Star Trek Fan Club.
Random Thoughts
(Issue 82-118, 120)
A Star Trek celebrity is asked a series of randomly selected questions.
A Fistful of Data
(Issue 1-139; Issue 154-present)
Richard Arnold, Andrew Darling, and Larry Nemecek (exclusively, from Issue 34 onward), answer fan questions in-depth
Log Entries
(Issue 146-present; as Replicator, Issue 128-144; as From the Replicator, Issue 13-127)
Merchandising and other releases. Originally incorporated the following sections, which had been published as separate items until issue 13:
The Most Toys
Read Out
(briefly as In Review, Issue 35-38)
Novel releases.
On Screen
VHS and DVD releases.
Hollow Pursuits
(Issue 67-117)
Assorted trivia, including Top 10, Greatest Moments in Star Trek, and Unforgettable (notable guest characters).
Lost and Found
Evolving from a segment in "A Fistful of Data" introduced in issue 117, Larry Nemecek uncovers and discusses the date and context behind rare behind-the-scenes studio stills–initially bloopers, now all kinds–from various Star Trek productions.
Data Stream
(Issue 104-119)
Chris Dows takes a detailed look at an aspect of Star Trek technology.
(Issue 114-130)
Focus on a specific Star Trek episode, covering the plot of the episode, with occasional background information.
Eye of the Beholder
(occasional from Issue 140)
Different guest columnists talk about their involvement with the Star Trek universe, usually linked to the issue theme. Developed from:
Endgame (Issue 122-139)
Another spin-off from a segment in "A Fistful of Data" introduced in issue 117, Larry Nemecek offered a "last word" essay on current Trek topics; occasionally, guest columnists filled in.


Star Trek Monthly: 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50 | 51-60 | 61-70 | 71-80 | 81-90 | 91-100 | 101-110

Star Trek Magazine: 111-120 | 121-130 | 131-140 | 141-150 | 151-160 | 161-165

Star Trek Monthly Edit

Issue # Month Cover Contents
1 March 1995 STM issue 1 cover Interviews: Patrick Stewart.

Features: A Rough Guide to Star Trek.
Comic strip: The Landmark Crossover: "Prophets and Losses".
Free gift: Character bookmark.

2 April 1995 STM issue 2 cover Interviews: Michael Dorn, Nichelle Nichols.

Features: Klingons.
Comic strip: The Landmark Crossover: "The Wormhole Trap".
Free gift: Klingon translator.

3 May 1995 STM issue 3 cover Interviews: Brent Spiner, Jonathan Del Arco.

Features: Androids and other artificial lifeforms.
Comic strip: The Landmark Crossover: "Encounter With the Othersiders".

4 June 1995 STM issue 4 cover Interviews: Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Taylor, Marc Alaimo.

Features: The Maquis.
Comic strip: The Landmark Crossover: "The Unseen Enemy".

5 July 1995 STM issue 5 cover Interviews: William Shatner, David Carson.

Features: The Life of James T. Kirk.
Comic strip: "The Dream Walkers" part 1.

6 August 1995 STM issue 6 cover Interviews: Leonard Nimoy, Robin Curtis, Robert Butler.

Features: Vulcans.
Comic strip: "The Dream Walkers" part 2.

7 September 1995 STM issue 7 cover Interviews: Nana Visitor, Avery Brooks, Rene Auberjonois.

Comic strip: "The Dream Walkers" part 3.

8 October 1995 STM issue 8 cover Interviews: Brent Spiner, Andrew Robinson.

Features: Designing Deep Space 9 with Herman Zimmerman.
Comic strip: "The Looking Glass War" part 1.
Free gift: Collector's card.

9 November 1995 STM issue 9 cover Interviews: Michael Westmore, Robert Blackman, Brannon Braga.

Features: Star Trek's most terrifying moments.
Comic strip: "The Looking Glass War" part 2.
Free gift: Postcards of cover art from Titan Books' Star Trek Adventures rereleases.

10 December 1995 STM issue 10 cover Interviews: George Takei, Majel Barrett.

Features: 1995 in review.
Comic strip: "The Looking Glass War" part 3.

11 January 1996 STM issue 11 cover Interviews: Jonathan Frakes, John de Lancie, William Campbell.

Features: Gods and omnipotent beings.
Comic strip: Convergence: "Split Infinities" part 1.

12 February 1996 STM issue 12 cover Interviews: Rene Auberjonois, Terry Farrell, Ira Steven Behr.

Features: DS9 Season 1 overview.
Comic strip: Convergence: "Split Infinities" part 2.

13 March 1996 STM issue 13 cover Interviews: Leonard Nimoy, Kim Cattrall, Daniel Davis.

Features: Spock's family.
Comic strip: Convergence: "Split Infinities" part 3.
Free gift: Four "Star Prints".

14 April 1996 STM issue 14 cover Interviews: Armin Shimerman, Max Grodénchik, Monster.

Features: Ferengi.
Comic strip: Convergence: "Future Imperiled" part 1.
Free gift: Four "Star Prints".

15 May 1996 STM issue 15 cover Interviews: Andrew Robinson, James L. Conway.

Features: The Cardassians.
Comic strip: Convergence: "Future Imperiled" part 2.

16 June 1996 STM issue 16 cover Interviews: James Doohan, Colm Meaney.

Features: Star Trek science and technology.
Comic strip: Convergence: "Future Imperiled" part 3.

17 July 1996 STM issue 17 cover Interviews: Ronald D. Moore, Carolyn Seymour.

Features: The Romulans.
Comic strip: "Gateway" part 1.

18 August 1996 STM issue 18 cover Interviews: DeForest Kelley, Alexander Siddig, Robert Picardo.

Features: Doctors.
Comic strip: "Gateway" part 2/"The Unconquered" part 1
Free gift: Issue #0 of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Official Poster Magazine, a forthcoming Titan release.

19 September 1996 STM issue 19 cover 100-page 30th Anniversary special.

Interviews: Every major castmember of all four series.
Features: The Star Trek franchise, the USS Enterprise.
Free gift: A Titan Books novel.

20 October 1996 STM issue 20 cover Interviews: Michael Dorn, Terry Farrell, Star Trek: Voyager cast.

Comic strip: "The Unconquered" part 2.

21 November 1996 STM issue 21 cover Interviews: William Shatner, Ethan Phillips, Jennifer Gatti, Catherine Hicks.

Features: Designing the Federation.
Book extract: Pocket TNG: A Fury Scorned.

22 December 1996 STM issue 22 cover Interviews: Patrick Stewart, James Cromwell.

Features: The Star Trek movies, creating "Flashback".
Book extract: Pocket TOS: Mudd in Your Eye.

23 January 1997 STM issue 23 cover Interviews: Jonathan Frakes, Alfre Woodard, Alice Krige.

Features: The Borg.
Book extract: Pocket VOY: The Garden.

24 February 1997 STM issue 24 cover Interviews: Brent Spiner, Charlie Brill, Jerry Hardin, Ron Moore & Brannon Braga.

Features: Time travel.
Book extract: Pocket TNG: Kahless.

25 March 1997 STM issue 25 cover Interviews: Roxann Dawson, Andrew Robinson, Richard James, Michael Okuda, Michael Westmore, André Bormanis.

Book extract: Pocket TNG: Intellivore.

Darryl Curtis becomes editor
26 April 1997 STM issue 26 cover Interviews: Walter Koenig, Persis Khambatta.

Features: Lost episodes.
Free gift: Four "Star Prints".

27 May 1997 STM issue 27 cover Interviews: Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, Majel Barrett.

Features: Women in Star Trek.
Book extract: Pocket TNG: Guises of the Mind.
Free gift: Four "Star Prints".

28 June 1997 STM issue 28 cover Interviews: Nana Visitor, Barbara Luna, Terry Farrell.

Features: Parallel universes.

29 July 1997 STM issue 29 cover Interviews: Cirroc Lofton, Ron Moore, D.C. Fontana.

Features: Writing for Star Trek.

30 August 1997 STM issue 30 cover Interviews: Robert Picardo, Alexander Siddig, Dwight Schultz.

Features: The Holodeck, "Our Man Bashir".

31 September 1997 STM issue 31 cover Interviews: Dan Curry.

Features: Special effects.

32 October 1997 STM issue 32 cover 100-page TNG 10th Anniversary special.

Interviews with all major cast members and production staff.
Features: Looking back at ten years, the USS Enterprise-D, episode guide.
Book extract: Pocket TNG: Ship of the Line.
Free gift: Pocket TNG: Ancient Blood.

33 November 1997 STM issue 33 cover New Seasons Preview Issue.

Interviews: Kate Mulgrew, Tim Russ, Rene Auberjonois, Jeffrey Combs, Marc Worden.
Book extract: Pocket DS9 Day of Honor: Armageddon Sky.

34 December 1997 STM issue 34 cover Interviews: John de Lancie, Marc Alaimo, Martha Hackett, Louise Fletcher.

Features: Star Trek villains.
Book extract: Pocket TOS: Heart of the Sun.

35 January 1998 STM issue 35 cover Star Trek Monthly gets a redesign.

Interviews: Ira Steven Behr & Hans Beimler, Allan Kroeker. Features: Behind the scenes on "A Time to Stand".

36 February 1998 STM issue 36 cover Interviews: Armin Shimerman, Aron Eisenberg, Mary Kay Adams, Mitchell Ryan, Barbara March & Gwynyth Walsh, Rosalind Chao.

Features: Family.
Book extract: Pocket VOY: Day of Honor.

37 March 1998 STM issue 37 cover Interviews: Jeri Ryan, Terry Farrell, Robert Duncan McNeill.

Features: Romance in Star Trek.
Book extract: Pocket TOS: Assignment: Eternity.

38 April 1998 STM issue 38 cover Interviews: Robert Beltran, Jonathan Frakes, Majel Barrett, Alice Krige.

Features: The role of the first officer.
Book extract: Pocket TNG: The Best and the Brightest.

39 May 1998 STM issue 39 cover Interviews: Michael Dorn, William Shatner, Richard Herd, Peter David.

Features: War and conflict.
Book extract: Star Trek: New Frontier: Martyr.

40 June 1998 STM issue 40 cover Interviews: Jeri Taylor, Andrew Robinson, James Doohan, Jeri Ryan, Ethan Phillips, Wallace Shawn.

Features: "Far Beyond the Stars".
Book extract: Pocket DS9: Far Beyond the Stars.

41 July 1998 STM issue 41 cover Interviews: Leonard Nimoy, Tim Russ, Denise Crosby.

Features: Star Trek: The Experience, Religion in Star Trek.
Book extract: Spectre

42 August 1998 STM issue 42 cover Interviews: George Takei, Rick Berman.

Features: Four Captains panel at Grand Slam, Captains, The Captain's Table.
Book extract: Pocket TNG: Dujonian's Hoard.

43 September 1998 STM issue 43 cover Interviews: Terry Farrell, Walter Koenig, Rene Auberjonois, Jeffrey Combs, Casey Biggs, Judy Burns, Greg Cox, Sonia Hillios.

Book extract: Pocket TNG: Q-Space.

44 Late September 1998 STM issue 44 cover Interviews: Alexander Siddig, DeForest Kelley, Roxann Dawson.

Features: Illnesses, Star Trek actors as authors.
Book extract: Pocket VOY: Pathways.

45 October 1998 STM issue 45 cover Interviews: Robert Picardo, Majel Barrett, Nana Visitor, Michelle Forbes.

Features: Bajor and its culture.
Book extract: Pocket VOY: Seven of Nine.

International release begins
46 November 1998 STM issue 46 cover 100-page New Season special.

Interviews: Nicole de Boer, Kate Mulgrew, Armin Shimerman, Jeri Ryan, Robert Picardo, Tim Russ, Cirroc Lofton, Garrett Wang, Marc Alaimo, J. Paul Boehmer, Max Grodenchik, Chase Masterson, Penny Johnson, Mark Allen Shepherd, Michael Westmore, John Ordover.
Features: On the set of "Extreme Risk", looking back over six seasons of Deep Space Nine.
Book extract: Pocket TNG: Triangle: Imzadi II.
Free gift: A random Titan Books-published Pocket TOS novel.

47 December 1998 STM issue 47 cover Interviews: Avery Brooks, Brent Spiner, Marc Alaimo, Scott MacDonald, Michelle Krusiec

Features: The Dominion.
Book extract: The Dominion War Book 1: Behind Enemy Lines.

48 January 1999 STM issue 48 cover Interviews: Patrick Stewart, Marina Sirts, F. Murray Abraham, Donna Murphy.

Features: Behind the scenes on Star Trek: Insurrection.
Book extract: Pocket TOS, My Brother's Keeper: Republic

49 February 1999 STM issue 49 cover Interviews: Jonathan Frakes, Nicole de Boer, Ira Steven Behr, Anthony Zerbe.

Features: Visual effects, Sci-Fi Channel's 'Special Edition' release of The Original Series.
Book extract: Star Trek: Insurrection.

50 March 1999 STM issue 50 cover Interviews: Robert Beltran, LeVar Burton, Rick Berman, Kelsey Grammer

Features: Overview of the last fifty issues, visual effects
Book extract: Pocket DS9: The 34th Rule.

51 April 1999 STM issue 51 cover Interviews: Michael Dorn, Nichelle Nichols, André Bormanis, Susanna Thompson.
52 May 1999 STM issue 52 cover Interviews: Nana Visitor, Gates McFadden, Dennis Madalone, Patricia Tallman, John de Lancie, John Eaves.

Book extract: Pocket VOY: Death of a Neutron Star.

53 June 1999 STM issue 53 cover Interviews: Robert Duncan McNeill, Rene Auberjonois, William Shatner, Bill Mumy.

Features: James T. Kirk, what makes a Star Trek story.
Book extract: Dark Victory.

54 July 1999 STM issue 54 cover 100-page special.

Interviews: All main and recurring cast members, Ira Steven Behr, John Eaves.
Features: Filming "What You Leave Behind", the themes and arcs of Deep Space Nine, episode foci for each season.
Free gift: A random novel.

55 August 1999 STM issue 55 cover Interviews: Rene Echevarria, Jeri Ryan, Garrett Wang, John Colicos, Chase Masterson.

Features: Crossovers.
Book extract: Pocket DS9: What You Leave Behind

56 September 1999 STM issue 56 cover Interviews: Rene Echevarria, Rick Berman, Nicole de Boer, Nichelle Nichols.

Features: DeForest Kelley tribute, Leonard McCoy.
Book extract: Pocket TNG, Double Helix: Infection.

57 Early October 1999 STM issue 57 cover Interviews: Leonard Nimoy, Scarlett Pomers,

Features: Spock vs. Data, children in Star Trek, the sets of USS Voyager.
Book extract: Pocket TOS: Vulcan's Heart.

58 Late October 1999 STM issue 58 cover Interviews: Brannon Braga, Brent Spiner, Donna Murphy, John Rhys-Davies.

Features: Superstition, Foundation Imaging
Book extract: Adventures in Time and Space.

59 Late November 1999 STM issue 59 cover Interviews: Armin Shimerman, Claire Rankin, Kate Mulgrew, Robert Justman, John de Lancie.

Features: Behind the scenes of "Alice", daily life in the 24th century.
Book extract: Pocket TNG: I, Q.

60 December 1999 STM issue 60 cover 100-page Millennium special.

Interviews: Roxann Dawson, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, Marina Sirtis, Nicole de Boer, Kate Mulgrew, Salome Jens.
Features: History of the Star Trek franchise, history of the Star Trek universe to 2000.
Book extract: Pocket VOY: Equinox.
Free gift: Sampler cassette of the Insurrection novelization audiobook.

61 January 2000 STM issue 61 cover Interviews: Robert Beltran, Jonathan Frakes, Andrew Robinson

Features: "Pathfinder" set report, William T. Riker, death in Star Trek,
Book extract: Captain Proton: Defender of the Earth.

62 February 2000 STM issue 62 cover Interviews: Tim Russ, Michael Dorn, James Darren, Vaughn Armstrong.

Features: Worf, Dominion War.
Book extract: The Badlands, Book One.

63 March 2000 STM issue 63 cover Interviews: Robert Picardo, J.G. Hertzler.

Features: "Tsunkatse" set report, Montgomery Scott, chief engineers, history of the starship Enterprise.
Book extract: Pocket DS9: The Lives of Dax.

64 April 2000 STM issue 64 cover Interviews: Robert Picardo, Tim Russ, John de Lancie, Jason Alexander, Olivia Birkelund.

Features: "Spirit Folk" set report, transporter malfunctions.
Book extract: Pocket TNG: Gemworld, Book One.

Nick Jones becomes editor
65 May 2000 STM issue 65 cover Interviews: Rick Berman, Jeri Ryan, Grace Lee Whitney.

Features: Seven of Nine, WildStorm Comics, possession, Millennium.
Book extract: Pocket DS9: Millennium - The Fall of Terok Nor.

66 June 2000 STM issue 66 cover Interviews: Ethan Phillips, LeVar Burton, André Bormanis.

Features: Geordi La Forge, Trill, Activision.
Book extract: Pocket TNG: The Valiant.

67 July 2000 STM issue 67 cover 100-page special.

Interviews: Brannon Braga, Susanna Thompson, Rene Auberjonois, George Takei, Richard Herd.
Features: Eighth Grand Slam Convention, "Unimatrix Zero" set report, the Borg, Hikaru Sulu.
Book extract: Pocket DS9: A Stitch in Time.
Free gift: Star Trek: New Earth: Wagon Train to the Stars.

68 August 2000 STM issue 68 cover Interviews: Nana Visitor, Garrett Wang, Malcolm McDowell.

Features: Kira Nerys, actors who become authors.
Book extract: Strange New Worlds III - "If I Lose Thee...".

69 September 2000 STM issue 69 cover Interviews: Robert Duncan McNeill, Alexander Siddig, Wil Wheaton, Walter Koenig.

Features: Julian Bashir, "boy wonders", Pavel Chekov.
Book extract: Preserver.

70 Early October 2000 STM issue 70 cover Star Trek Monthly undergoes a redesign.

Interviews: Roxann Dawson, Patrick Stewart, Jackie Edwards, Michael Westmore, Jacqueline Kim.
Features: The Prime Directive,, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion.

71 Late October 2000 STM issue 71 cover Interviews: Brannon Braga, Robert Beltran, Kenneth Biller, Tim Earls, Nichelle Nichols.

Features: Kathryn Janeway, Voyager's journey home, Uhura.

72 November 2000 STM issue 72 cover Interviews: William Shatner, Tim Russ, Cody & Kurt Wetherill, Patricia Tallman.

Features: Music in Star Trek, Star Trek: Paper Universe.

73 December 2000 STM issue 73 cover Villains special.

Interviews: Marina Sirtis, Robert Picardo, Jeffrey Combs, Gwynyth Walsh.
Features: Star Trek: Federation Science, villains, doppelgangers, Dukat.

74 January 2001 STM issue 74 cover Interviews: Kate Mulgrew, Whoopi Goldberg, Armin Shimerman.

Features: How to create the perfect Star Trek party, Quark, Star Trek directors.
Free gift: Random Star Trek Monthly back issue.

75 February 2001 STM issue 75 cover 100-page "Ultimate Star Trek" special.

Interviews: Marina Sirtis.
Features: "Shattered" set report, readers' poll results.

76 March 2001 STM issue 76 cover Interviews: Jonathan Frakes, Jennifer Lien, William Campbell, William Sadler, Martha Hackett.

Features: How to combat omnipotent beings, Q.

77 April 2001 STM issue 77 cover Interviews: Robert Duncan McNeill, Christopher Plummer, Meg Foster.

Features: Thirty funniest moments, actor anecdotes, con artists.

78 May 2001 STM issue 78 cover Interviews: Rick Berman, John de Lancie, Robert Beltran & Garrett Wang & Ethan Phillips, Voyager writers and producers.

Features: "Workforce" set report, Foundation Imaging.

79 June 2001 STM issue 79 cover Interviews: Jeri Ryan, Kenneth Biller, Jonathan Frakes, Nana Visitor.

Features: Action heroes, best explosions.

80 Summer 2001 STM issue 80 cover 100-page special.

Interviews: Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Ryan, Robert Picardo, Robert Duncan McNeill, Tim Russ, Brannon Braga.
Features: Grand Slam 2001, "Renaissance Man" and "Endgame" set reports, Voyager episode guide, Voyager Awards, Foundation Imaging.

81 July 2001 STM issue 81 cover Interviews: Robert Beltran, William Shatner, Ricardo Montalban, Leonard Nimoy, Richard Herd.

Features: Holiday destinations, Spock, Star Trek locations.

82 August 2001 STM issue 82 cover Interviews: Denise Crosby, Alice Krige, Chase Masterson.

Features: Star Trek's sexiest scenes.

83 September 2001 STM issue 83 cover 35th Anniversary special.

Interviews: Kate Mulgrew, David Carson.
Features: Star Trek's 35 greatest moments,

84 October 2001 STM issue 84 cover Interviews: Rick Berman, Scott Bakula, Jolene Blalock, John Billingsley, TNN Next Generation press conference.

Features: Introducing Enterprise, set tour,

85 November 2001 STM issue 85 cover Interviews: Scott Bakula, Jeri Ryan, Kate Mulgrew, Tim Russ, Dominic Keating, Anthony Montgomery, Manu Intiraymi.

Features: Star Trek's scariest moments, holodeck predicaments.

86 December 2001 STM issue 86 cover Interviews: John Billingsley, Jonathan Frakes, William Shatner.

Features: Enterprise premiere event, Foundation Imaging, similarities between Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Director's Edition.

87 January 2002 STM issue 87 cover Interviews: Roxann Dawson & LeVar Burton, Barbara Luna.

Features: Enterprise characterisation, readers' favourite Voyager scenes, Star Trek gift ideas.

88 February 2002 STM issue 88 cover Interviews: Scott Bakula, Anthony Montgomery.

Features: Retcons in Enterprise, Star Trek and real-world space travel, discovery and exploration in Star Trek, connections between Star Trek and the astronomy community.

89 March 2002 STM issue 89 cover Interviews: Rick Berman (new regular feature), Patrick Stewart, Scarlett Pomers.

Features: "Dear Doctor" set report, Galaxy Ball, Star Trek's greatest romances, romance with aliens.

Toby Weidmann becomes editor
90 April 2002 STM issue 90 cover Interviews: Robert Picardo, Jeffrey Combs, Robin Curtis.

Features: Star Trek' greatest inventions, when technology goes awry.

91 May 2002 STM issue 91 cover Interviews: Michael Dorn, John Fleck, Dominic Keating, Rene Auberjonois.

Features: Crime and punishment, trials.

92 Spring 2002 STM issue 92 cover 100-page ships special.

Interviews: Connor Trinneer, Robert Duncan McNeill, George Takei.
Features: TCA press junket, bridges, Federation starship development, starship clashes, enemy vessels, little-seen locations.
Free gift: CD-ROM, Star Trek: Bridge Commander demo, Comlink extracts.

93 June 2002 STM issue 93 cover Interviews: Jolene Blalock, Ron Perlman, Tom Hardy, Gary Graham.

Features: TCA press junket part 2, Vulcans, Romulans.

94 July 2002 STM issue 94 cover Interviews: Tim Russ, Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Ryan, Ethan Phillips.

Features: Pasadena Grand Slam report, Voyager guide.

95 August 2002 STM issue 95 cover Interviews: Scott Bakula, Dominic Keating, André Bormanis, John Billingsley, Anthony Montgomery, John Shiban.

Features: ENT Season 1.

96 September 2002 STM issue 96 cover Interviews: Jonathan Frakes, Ricardo Montalban, William Shatner, Robert O'Reilly & J.G. Hertzler.

Features: Battles, Klingon blade weapons.

97 October 2002 STM issue 97 cover Interviews: Patrick Stewart, Nicole de Boer, John de Lancie.

Features: The role of the captain, mistakes and bad decisions, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

98 November 2002 STM issue 98 cover Interviews: Marina Sirtis, Robert Beltran, Michael Westmore, Linda Park.

Features: Alien customs and social mores, Starfleet's diplomatic mistakes.

99 December 2002 STM issue 99 cover Interviews: John Logan, Nicholas Meyer, Michael Okuda, Neal McDonough.

Features: Star Trek Nemesis photo special, Star Trek films.

100 January 2003 STM issue 100 cover Special edition - 68 pages, with a 32-page Star Trek Nemesis supplement.

Interviews: William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, Brent Spiner, Scott Bakula, Brannon Braga.
Features: Reader questionnaire results, part 1.
Star Trek Nemesis supplement: Plot summary, interviews with cast and crew, set report, conceptual art.

101 February 2003 STM issue 101 cover Interviews: Ira Steven Behr, Jeffrey Combs.

Features: The legacy of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, reader questionnaire results, part 2.

102 March 2003 STM issue 102 cover Interviews: Connor Trinneer, Stuart Baird, Roxann Dawson, Scott Rowe.

Features: Digital Domain, interspecies relationships.

103 April 2003 STM issue 103 cover Interviews: Herman Zimmerman, Jolene Blalock, Anthony Montgomery.

Features: UK convention report, Star Trek: The Adventure, Star Trek characters from outside North America.

104 May 2003 STM issue 104 cover Interviews: Dominic Keating, Scott Bakula, Michael Dorn, Michael Piller, Denise Crosby.

Features: Enterprise set tour, board game, Suurok-class.

105 June 2003 STM issue 105 cover Interviews: Kate Mulgrew, Robert Blackman, Nichelle Nichols, John Eaves.

Features: Avery Brooks profile, ethics and morality.

106 July 2003 STM issue 106 cover Interviews: LeVar Burton, John Shiban, Garrett Wang.

Features: Grand Slam report, Eden FX.

107 August 2003 STM issue 107 cover Interviews: Patrick Stewart, Tom Hardy, George Takei, Walter Koenig.

Features: "The Expanse" set report, religion in Star Trek, symbols.

108 September 2003 STM issue 108 cover 100-page Borg special.

Interviews: Jonathan Del Arco, Brannon Braga, Bonita Friedericy, Mike Sussman, Alice Krige.
Features: Borg-Federation history, ENT Season 2 overview, "Regeneration" set report, "How to Be Borg", the making of Star Trek: First Contact, Borg starships, Make Your Own Borg.
Contains part 1 of a three-part giant poster.

109 October 2003 STM issue 109 cover Interviews: William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy, Michael Westmore, Nana Visitor.

Features: Matt Jefferies tribute, insanity in Star Trek, TCA panel report.
Contains part 2 of a three-part giant poster.

110 November 2003 STM issue 110 cover Last issue as Star Trek Monthly. Interior redesigned.

Interviews: Connor Trineer, John Fleck, Robert Duncan McNeill, Marvin Rush, Chase Masterson.
Features: Las Vegas convention report, death and resurrection, horror.
Contains part 3 of a three-part giant poster.

Star Trek Magazine Edit

111-120 | 121-130 | 131-140 | 141-150 | 151-160 | 161-170 | 171-180

Issue numbering continues uninterrupted
Issue # Month Cover Contents
111 December 2003 STM issue 111 cover Interviews: Star Trek: Enterprise cast, Scott Bakula, Marina Sirtis, Leonard Nimoy, J.G. Hertzler, Casey Biggs, Jeffrey Combs & Marc Alaimo.

Features: Time travel and historical knowledge.

112 January 2004 STM issue 112 cover Final monthly issue.

Interviews: Jolene Blalock, Dave Rossi, Linda Park, Matt Winston.
Features: T'Pol, royalty, the simple life.

Bimonthly release in 100-page format begins
113 February/March 2004 STM issue 113 cover Interviews: Dominic Keating, Jonathan Frakes, Dwight Schultz.

Features: No-win scenarios, Starfleet Academy, "Twilight" set report, shuttlecraft.

114 April/May 2004 STM issue 114 cover Interviews: Ethan Phillips, Bryan Fuller, Roxann Dawson.

Features: The A-Z of Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Voyager on DVD, Star Trek: The Experience, USS Voyager.
Flashback: VOY: "Shattered".

115 June/July 2004 STM issue 115 cover Interviews: Robert Picardo, John Billingsley, Alexander Siddig.

Features: Rest and relaxation, the doctor-captain relationship, Spock-McCoy confrontations, holodecks.
Flashback: TNG: "Remember Me".

116 August/September 2004 STM issue 116 cover Interviews: William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy, Celeste Yarnall, Michael Ansara, William Blackburn, Richard Arnold.

Features: Star Trek: The Original Series, "Zero Hour" set report, USS Enterprise.
Flashback: TOS: "Operation -- Annihilate!".

117 October/November 2004 STM issue 117 cover Interviews: Connor Trinneer, Jeri Ryan, Brannon Braga.

Features: 2004 Grand Slam report, dream analysis, reader quiz competition, USS Defiant.
Flashback: DS9: "Extreme Measures".
Supplement: The Ultimate Guide to Star Trek: Enterprise.

Brian Robb and Martin Eden as temporary editors
118 December 2004/January 2005 STM issue 118 cover Interviews: Manny Coto, Nichelle Nichols, Vaughn Armstrong, Scarlett Pomers, Aron Eisenberg, Manu Intiraymi, Iona Morris, Wil Wheaton.

Features: Eden FX, Jerry Goldsmith tribute, children, USS Enterprise-D.
Flashback: TOS: "Miri".

John Freeman returns as editor
119 February/March 2005 STM issue 119 cover Interviews: David Livingston, Kate Mulgrew, Jolene Blalock, Jeri Ryan, Scott Bakula, Brent Spiner, Golden Brooks.

Features: Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek sirens, "The Augments" set report, Klingon Bird-of-Prey.
Flashback: VOY: "Caretaker".

120 April/May 2005 STM issue 120 cover Interviews: Anthony Montgomery, LeVar Burton, Dan Curry, Hagan Beggs, George Takei, Bobbi Sue Luther, Jeffrey Combs, Lawrence Monoson.

Features: Genetic engineering, "United" set report, Star Trek Magazine's tenth anniversary.
Flashback: TOS: "Space Seed".

121 June/July 2005 STM issue 121 cover Interviews: Patrick Stewart, Nicole deBoer, André Bormanis, Manny Coto, Dominic Keating, Tim Earls, Kara Zediker.

Features: Future of Star Trek, science, Star Trek: New Voyages.
Flashback: VOY: "Endgame".

122 August/September 2005 STM issue 122 cover Interviews: Scott Bakula, Peter Weller, Jonathan Frakes, Dave Rossi, J. Paul Boehmer, Menina Fortunato.

Features: "These Are the Voyages..." set report, Grand Slam XIII report, Star Trek comics history.
Flashback: TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise".
Column: Larry Nemecek.

123 October/November 2005 STM issue 123 cover Interviews: James Doohan (archive), Leonard Nimoy, Brannon Braga, John de Lancie, Paul Carr, Jeffrey Combs, Brian Thompson.

Features: James Doohan tribute, episode scoring.
Flashback: DS9: "Trials and Tribble-ations".
Column: Larry Nemecek and Dave Rossi.

124 December 2005/January 2006 STM issue 124 cover Interviews: Michael Dorn, Chase Masterson, Mike Sussman, Alec Newman, Barbara Luna.

Features: 2005 Las Vegas convention report, stunts.
Flashback:ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly", "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II".
Column: Dave Rossi and Larry Nemecek.

125 February/March 2006 STM issue 125 cover Beginning the magazine's 40th anniversary celebrations with a look at The Original Series.

Interviews: Eddie Paskey.
Features: The origins of Star Trek, William Shatner profile, Gene L. Coon, Star Trek: New Voyages set report, The Original Series and The Animated Series episode guides, Star Trek comics from the UK.
Flashback: TAS: "Yesteryear".
Column: Dave Rossi and Larry Nemecek.

126 April/May 2006 STM issue 126 cover Focusing on The Next Generation, with features on the series, an interview with Gates McFadden, and an excerpt from Michael Piller's unpublished work, The Making of Star Trek: Insurrection.
127 June/July 2006 STM issue 127 cover Interviews: Nana Visitor, Rene Auberjonois, Armin Shimerman, Robert O'Reilly, Ethan H. Calk & Jack Treviño, Chase Masterson.

Features: Grand Slam 2006 report, Deep Space Nine legacy, creation, stunts, Avery Brooks.
Flashback: DS9: "The Way of the Warrior".
Column: Dave Rossi and Larry Nemecek.

US release begins; Brian J. Robb as editor
128/#1 September/October 2006 STM issue 128 cover
US cover
Magazine redesigned from the ground up. Classic features revamped or replaced.

Interviews: William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, Scott Bakula (excerpts), D.C. Fontana, Julie Newmar
Features: Captains, 40 reasons we love Star Trek, development chronology 1966-1969
Flashback: TOS: "Friday's Child"
Book extract: Pocket TOS: Crucible: Provenance of Shadows.
Columns: Dave Rossi and Larry Nemecek.

129/#2 November/December 2006 STM issue 129 cover
US cover
UK edition: 100 pages; US edition: 68 pages.

Interviews: J.J. Abrams, Kate Mulgrew, Rick Berman, Robert Picardo, Iona Morris, Joe Menosky.
Book extract: Rihannsu: The Empty Chair.
Flashback: VOY: "Year of Hell".
Column: Larry Nemecek and Dave Rossi.
UK only material: Tim Earls on designing the episode "Drive".

Paul Simpson becomes editor
130/#3 January/February 2007 STM issue 130 cover
US cover
Interviews: Brent Spiner, Robert Justman.

Book extract: Crucible: The Fire and the Rose.
Flashback: ENT: "The Andorian Incident".
Column: Larry Nemecek and Dave Rossi.

131/#4 March/April 2007 STM issue 131 cover
US cover
STM US issue 4 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Interviews: Robert Wise, Harve Bennett, Nichelle Nichols, Rick Berman.

Book extract: Pocket ENT: The Good That Men Do.
Column: Larry Nemecek.

132/#5 May/June 2007 STM issue 132 cover
US cover
STM issue 132 alt cover
Alternative cover image
Interviews: Rick Berman, George Takei, David Gerrold.

Book extract: Star Trek: Vanguard: Reap the Whirlwind.

133/#6 July/August 2007 STM issue 133 cover
US cover
STM US issue 6 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Book extract: The Buried Age.
134/#7 September/October 2007 STM issue 134 cover
US cover
STM US issue 7 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Interviews: John de Lancie, Majel Barrett, Natalia Nogulich, Michael Carlin.

Book extract: Pocket TNG: Before Dishonor.
Column: Larry Nemecek.

135/#8 November/December 2007 STM issue 135 cover
US cover
STM US issue 8 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Interviews: Jonathan Frakes.

Book extract: Star Trek: Titan: Sword of Damocles.

136/#9 January/February 2008 STM issue 136 cover
UK cover
STM US issue 9 PX cover

US Previews exclusive cover
Interviews: Zachary Quinto, John Cho, Kate Mulgrew.

Book extract: Star Trek: Klingon Empire: A Burning House.

137/#10 March/April 2008 STM issue 137 cover
US cover
STM US issue 10 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
100-page Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 15th anniversary special.

Interviews: Avery Brooks, Cirroc Lofton, Karl Urban.
Features: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: the setting, the Odo-Quark relationship, time travel in, continuity, relationships, serialization, Benjamin Sisko, the Relaunch novels, comics.
Book extract: Star Trek: Terok Nor: Day of the Vipers.

UK release returns to 68 pages
138/#11 May/June 2008 STM issue 138 cover
US cover
STM US issue 11 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Interviews: Simon Pegg, Dominic Keating.

Features: Star Trek: Enterprise: technology, Vulcans, MACOs, multipart stories.
Book extract: Star Trek: Myriad Universes - Infinity's Prism: "A Less Perfect Union".

139/#12 July/August 2008 STM issue 139 cover
US cover
STM US issue 12 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Interviews: Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, LeVar Burton, Jerry Hardin.

Features: Time travel: development of, methods. "Timeless" set images, It's A Wrap! sale and auction.
Book extract: Star Trek: Myriad Universes - Echoes and Refractions: "The Chimes At Midnight".

140/#13 September/October 2008 STM issue 140 cover
UK cover
STM US issue 13 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
100-page Original Series special.

Interviews: William Shatner, Zoe Saldana.
Book extract: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night

141/#14 November/December 2008 STM issue 141 cover
UK cover
STM US issue 14 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Interviews: Chris Pine, Joanne Linville, Denise Crosby.

Features: Romulans, Kirk the maverick, Star Trek: The Experience.
Book extract: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls

142/#15 January/February 2009 STM issue 142 cover
US cover
STM US issue 15 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Mirror universe special.

Interviews: Robert Hewitt Wolfe, Nana Visitor, Leonard Nimoy.
Features: Mirror universe timeline, Original Series remastered.
Book extract: Shards and Shadows - "The Greater Good"

Release frequency increases to eight issues per year
143/#16 March/April 2009 STM issue 143 cover
US cover
STM US issue 16 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
100-page Voyager special.

Interviews: Jeri Ryan, Robert Picardo, Bruce Greenwood, Bryan Fuller, Michael Jan Friedman.
Features: Voyager retrospective, The Adventures of Captain Proton.
Book extract: Pocket VOY: Full Circle.

144/#17 May 2009 STM issue 144 cover
US cover
STM US issue 17 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Star Trek-focused issue.

Interviews: Marc Evans, Anthony Vitale, April Webster, Scott Chambliss, Bryan Burk.
Features: Behind the scenes on Star Trek: Countdown, tribute to Majel Barrett.
Book extract: Star Trek: Vanguard: Open Secrets.

Sunday Mirror special Released 10 May 2009 STM Sunday Mirror Special cover Special "teaser" issue for Star Trek, given away free with the UK newspaper, the Sunday Mirror.

Interviews: Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Leonard Nimoy

145/#18 June/July 2009 STM issue 145 cover
US cover
STM US issue 18 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Star Trek Movie Souvenir Special.

Interviews: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Zoë Saldana, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Leonard Nimoy, Bruce Greenwood, Ben Cross, Faran Tahir, Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Morrison.
Features: Star Trek D-A-C, Christopher Doohan's on-set diaries.

146/#19 July/August 2009 STM issue 146 cover
US cover
STM US issue 19 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Star Trek-focused issue.

Interviews: Eric Bana, Clifton Collins, Jr., Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, Dan Mindel, Michael Kaplan, Joey Box, Michael Giacchino, Alan Dean Foster
Features: Christopher Doohan's on-set diaries, Star Trek on IMAX
Book extract: Pocket TNG: Losing the Peace

147/#20 September/October 2009 STM issue 147 cover
US cover
STM US issue 20 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Borg-focused issue.

Interviews: Alice Krige, J.J. Abrams, Mindy Hall.
Features: History of the Borg.
Book extract: Pocket DS9: The Never-Ending Sacrifice

148/#21 November 2009 STM issue 148 cover
US cover
STM US issue 21 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Interviews: Ben Burtt, Armin Shimerman, Andy Schmidt.

Features: Humor in Star Trek, David Gerrold column.
Book extract: Pocket ENT: The Romulan War - Beneath the Raptor's Wing.

149/#22 December 2009 STM issue 149 cover
US cover
STM US issue 22 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
100-page villains special.

Interviews: Nicholas Meyer, Mark Cotta Vaz.
Features: Profiles on various Star Trek villains, Star Trek - The Art of the Film supplement.
Book extract: Star Trek: Vanguard: Precipice

150/#23 January/February 2010 STM issue 150 cover
US cover
STM US issue 23 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Star Trek: The Motion Picture 30th anniversary special.

Interviews: Walter Koenig, Jon Povill, Alan Dean Foster.
Features: Star Trek - The Art of the Film supplement.
Book extract: Pocket TOS: Inception.

151/#24 March 2010 STM issue 151 cover
US cover
STM US issue 24 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Klingon special.

Interviews: J.G. Hertzler.
Features: Klingons, Star Trek Online.
Book extract: The Needs of the Many.

152/#25 April/May 2010 STM issue 152 cover
US cover
STM US issue 25 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Star Trek: Voyager 15th anniversary special.

Interviews: Manu Intiraymi.
Features: Kathryn Janeway, Species 8472, Star Trek fanzines.

153/#26 June/July 2010 STM issue 153 cover
US cover
STM US issue 26 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Films special.

Interviews: David Warner.

154/#27 August 2010 STM issue 154 cover
US cover
STM US issue 27 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
"Genius" issue.

Interviews: Alexander Siddig.
Book extract: What's Past: Distant Early Warning.

155/#28 September/October 2010 STM issue 155 cover
US cover
STM US issue 28 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Interviews: Barney Burman.
156/#29 November/December 2010 STM issue 156 cover
US cover
STM US issue 29 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Features: Star Trek: Typhon Pact.
157/#30 December 2010/January 2011 STM issue 157 cover
US cover
STM US issue 30 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Interviews: Robert Duncan McNeill, Tony Todd.
Star Trek Magazine Souvenir Special 2011 STM Souvenir Special cover
US cover
148-page 15th anniversary special.
158/#31 January/February 2011 STM issue 158 cover
US cover
STM US issue 31 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
"Women of Star Trek" special.

Interviews: Roxann Dawson.

159/#32 March 2011 STM issue 159 cover
US cover
STM US issue 32 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Romance special.
160/#33 April/May 2011 STM issue 160 cover
US cover
STM US issue 33 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Redshirt special.
161/#34 June 2011 STM issue 161 cover
US cover
STM US issue 34 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
The Science of Star Trek special.
162/#35 July/August 2011 STM issue 162 cover
US cover
STM US issue 35 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Starships and Space Stations special.
Interviews: Rene Auberjonois
Features: Richard C. Datin, Jr., Matt Jefferies, Franz Joseph, Christopher Pike, Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology, Star Trek: Vanguard
Book extract: Star Trek Vanguard: Declassified
163/#36 September 2011 STM issue 163 cover
US cover
STM US issue 36 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Part 1 of The Ultimate Guide to Star Trek.
164/#37 October/November 2011 STM issue 164 cover
US cover
STM US issue 37 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Part 2 of The Ultimate Guide to Star Trek.
165/#38 December 2011 STM issue 165 cover
US cover
STM US issue 38 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Star Trek: Enterprise.
166/#39 February 2012 STM issue 166 cover
US cover
STM US issue 39 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Spy Trek! Exploring subterfuge in the Star Trek Universe.
167/#40 May 2012 STM issue 167 cover
US cover
STM US issue 40 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Leonard Nimoy interview.
168/#41 August 2012 STM issue 168 cover
US cover
STM US issue 41 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Celebrating 25 years of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
169/#42 November 2012 STM issue 169 cover
US cover
STM US issue 42 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Interviews with Kate Mulgrew, Alice Krige and Jeffrey Combs.
170/#43 January 2013 STM issue 170 cover
US cover
STM US issue 43 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Interviews with Armin Shimmerman, Chase Masterson, Herman Zimmerman and Brannon Braga.
171/#44 March 2013 STM issue 171 cover
US cover
STM US issue 44 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Interviews with William Shatner, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, Denise Crosby, Bryan Fuller, and Malcolm McDowell.
172/#45 May 2013 STM issue 172 cover
US cover
STM US issue 45 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Interviews with J.J. Abrams, Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Alice Eve, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, John cho, Anton Yelchin, and Damon Lindelof.
Features on the special effects, production design, make-up, costumes, and music.
Feature on novelizations interviewing Vonda M. McIntyre and Alan Dean Foster.
173/#46 August 2013 STM issue 173 cover
US cover
STM US issue 46 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Interviews with Karl Urban, prop master Andrew Siegel, Aron Eisenberg, Manu Intiraymi and Bob Peak's son Tom on his father's artwork.
Reviews of Star Trek Into Darkness.
Features on Worf and children in Star Trek.
174/#47 October 2013 STM issue 174 cover
US cover
STM US issue 47 PX cover
US Previews exclusive cover
Features on conflicts in Star Trek, including the Bajorans and Cardassians, and the Romulans.

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