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Senator Tal'aura

Senator Tal'aura
Gender: Female
Species: Romulan
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire
Occupation: Senator
Status: Alive (2379)
Played by: Shannon Cochran

Senator Tal'aura was a member of the Romulan Senate in the 24th century, and a co-conspirator of Shinzon, who executed a coup d'état in 2379 with Tal'aura's assistance.

Tal'aura facilitated Shinzon's appropriation of the praetor position by assassinating the entire senate utilizing a small thalaron generator. Later, after Shinzon's successful rise to power, Tal'aura wondered aloud about the visible deterioration Shinzon was experiencing, the result of the failure to activate Shinzon's temporal RNA sequencing. (Star Trek Nemesis)


Senator Tal'aura was played by actress Shannon Cochran.

In the short story "Twilight's Wrath" in Tales of the Dominion War, Tal'aura appears when Shinzon is being briefed on his mission to recapture a secret Tal Shiar research facility in the Neutral Zone. She is shown to have considerable influence with both the Tal Shiar and the military.

In the novel series Star Trek: Titan, Tal'aura went on to become praetor after Shinzon.

In "Articles of the Federation", Chancellor Martok finds Tal'aura's voice to be similar to his late wife Sirella's, an in-joke by Keith R.A. DeCandido, as both characters were played by Shannon Cochran.

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