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Tobin Dax.jpg

Miles O'Brien as Tobin Dax during Jadzia's zhian'tara

Miles O'Brien as Tobin Dax during Jadzia's zhian'tara
Gender: Male
Species: Trill
Occupation: Engineer
Status: Deceased (2371)
Died: Unknown
Played by: Colm Meaney

Tobin Dax was a joined Trill and the second host of the Dax symbiont. (DS9: "The Siege", "Invasive Procedures")

He had an unknown number of children, one of whom was named Raifi, who caused him a number of difficulties over the years. However Tobin could not bring himself to discipline any of his offspring, no matter what they did. (DS9: "Nor the Battle to the Strong", "Afterimage")

He was a vegetarian and was known to bite his nails. (DS9: "Afterimage", "Facets")

Years later, Jadzia Dax felt that Tobin was socially inept and unimaginative, but he was a skilled engineer who was known for his intimate knowledge of phase coil inverters. Tobin once tried to learn some botany, but he didn't have much luck at it – he was the only Dax host to try it. (DS9: "The Siege", "The Wire", "The Siege of AR-558")

He also once tried his hand at learning magic tricks. (DS9: "Rejoined") One of his hobbies was developing an alternative proof to Fermat's last theorem. (DS9: "Facets")

Tobin once met the famous Cardassian poet Iloja of Prim while the latter was exiled on Vulcan. (DS9: "Destiny")

During Jadzia Dax's zhian'tara in 2371, Miles O'Brien embodied Tobin's memories and personality. When Curzon Dax undertook the ritual, he got Tobin drunk – for the first time in his existence. (DS9: "Facets")

Tobin Dax was played by Colm Meaney during Jadzia Dax' zhian'tara in "Facets".
Tobin Dax appeared in the Pocket ENT book Beneath the Raptor's Wing. He is shown to be working on a countermeasure to the Romulans' telecapture device. Tobin also appears in To Brave the Storm and A Choice of Futures.

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