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Tyken's Rift

A graphic of a Tyken's Rift

Hydrogen stream

The Enterprise releases hydrogen into the rift

A Tyken's Rift was a massive rupture in space into which energy is absorbed. The rare anomaly was named after Bela Tyken, the Melthusian captain who first encountered it.

When Tyken was trapped in the rift, his analysis determined that a massive energy release might overload and dislocate the anomaly. Utilizing his cargo of anicium and yurium, Tyken was able to create an explosion of sufficient power, and subsequently escape through the ruptured center of the rift.

In 2367, the starship Enterprise became trapped in a Tyken's Rift after discovering the missing Federation vessel USS Brattain, whose crew had all killed each other. Succumbing to the same effects as the Brattain crew, the Enterprise crew eventually realized that their condition was being caused by mental transmissions from a telepathic alien trapped on the other side of the rift. By analyzing the messages being received in her dreams, Counselor Troi was able to determine that the alien was requesting that the Enterprise release hydrogen into the rift, where, in combination with a substance the alien would release, it would cause an explosion powerful enough to dislodge both ships. The plan was successful, and both the Enterprise and the alien were able to clear the rift. (TNG: "Night Terrors")

Tyken's Rift appeared in the starchart Data and Picard were studying in stellar cartography in 2371. (Star Trek Generations, display graphic)

The graphic of the Tyken's Rift was seen again on Captain Picard's desktop monitor in his ready room in TNG: "The Host".

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