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VK Velikan
File:Desktop monitor, Earth starships, Up the Long Ladder.jpg
The VK Velikan listed on Picard's monitor
Class: DY-1200
Affiliation: United Earth
Status: Active (2160)

The VK Velikan was an United Earth DY-1200 class starship that was in service in the mid-22nd century. This ship was commanded by Captain Mike Volland.

In 2160, the Velikan was launched from Earth on a mission of stellar chart mapping.

This vessel was among the list of ships that appeared on Captain Jean-Luc Picard's desktop monitor while he searched for "all Earth deep-space launches from 2123 until 2190 with destination in or near the Ficus sector" during an investigation of an SOS signal discovered in that sector in 2365. This vessel, however, did not fall within the parameters of his search, but was among the ships launched in that timeframe. (TNG: "Up The Long Ladder")

Background information Edit

In the original version of TNG: "Up The Long Ladder", Gene Roddenberry was listed as the commanding officer of the Velikan and the ship was assigned to explore strange new worlds. The name of the captain and mission were changed for the remastered version of the episode. A legible version of the original Okudagram appeared in the reference book, Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Continuing Mission.

"Velikan" was the Russian word for "Giant". In the book The Hunt for Red October, the primary Alfa-class attack sub was named V.K. Konovalov, in honor of Vladimir Konstantinovich Konovalov. This suggests that the use of "VK" was an homage to Tom Clancy. In the real world, Russians do not use prefixes on their ships, but an in-universe explanation could be that "VK" stands for Voenny Korabl, the romanization of Военный Корабль, Military Ship.

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